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About Us

The Army Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) is the world's premier leadership training program. UNT Army ROTC offers dynamic and interactive training that focuses on complete leadership development. Learn more about our scholarships and what it takes to become an Army Officer.

Scholarships - Scholarship recipients are awarded an avaiable 2, 3 or 4 year scholarship. Click on the link to learn more!
Nursing Opportunities - Learn about nursing opportunities in ROTC, the Army and beyond.
A Solid Foundation - Army ROTC instills a foundation for learning, leadership and service.
Reserve/National Guard SMP - You can serve in the National Guard or US Army Reserve while enrolled in ROTC.

In addition to the monthly paycheck, you'll earn valuable skills, leadership lessons and you'll have the benefit of starting your Army service while still in school.

If you want to learn more, stop by our weekly information sessions Wednesdays at 11:00 AM. The info sessions are held at the ROTC detachment, located at 712 N. Texas Blvd, Denton, TX 76201.


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"The state or relationship of being brothers.
An association of men united for common purposes.
All the members of a profession or trade."

As an Army Cadet, you will be a member of a group of students who set themselves apart daily in everything your do.You will come to symbolize the 7 Core Values of the US Army.

Loyalty. Duty. Respect. Selfless Service. Honor. Integrity. Personal Courage.

These are not just words to you.Once you commission, you will share a bond with individuals, soldiers, like nothing you have ever experienced before.

They will become your peers. Your friends. Your brothers.


"Feeling or showing care and compassion a caring attitude (Social Welfare) of or relating to professional social or medical care nursing is a caring job"

As an Army Cadet, you will gain the ability to not just see a problem, but have the desire to fix it. To help. To comfort. You will represent the US Army, and the morals of the United States of America, at home and abroad. When you commission, you will operate with the dedication and compassion fitting a US Army officer.


"The position or office of a leader.
Capacity or ability to lead.
A group of leaders.
Guidance; direction."

In the US Army, leadership is taught all through an individual's career, starting in basic training/ROTC and continuing with professional military education until the individual retires or separates from the service. There is no specific definition that the military has for leadership, but there are qualities the military believes are vital to successful leadership. These characteristics will be your hallmark as an Army officer as well as a civilian leader.


"Working together to accomplish a goal or mission.
The collective efforts of a group of people."

No one goes it alone

As an Army Cadet, you will succeed or fail based on your ability to work as team with your fellow cadets. Teamwork is an essential skill in the US Army and the civilian world. Through ROTC, you will develop the ability to not only lead people, but be able to fall-in and work with the group to get your task done.

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